SPLAT: Speech Processing & Linguistic Analysis Tool
A command-line application designed to simplify analysis of natural language texts by interfacing with NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP, and the Berkeley Parser.
Phonetta: (Phonet)ic (T)ranscription (A)ssistant
A web application to help users type International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols and learn phonetic concepts through on-screen buttons, intuitive keyboard shortcuts, audio recordings, and relevant metadata for each symbol.
T-BAG: Text-Based Adventure Game Framework
A domain-specific language to facilitate writing text-based adventure games.
PHiGGS: (P)ython (Hi)erarchical (G)raph (G)enerating (S)ystem
PHiGGS is the result of my frustration with the inability of existing graphing tools to generate family tree diagrams that support (1) multiple parents, (2) spouse-to-spouse connections, and (3) hierarchical structures.
Eventually I'll get around to posting my LEGO creations here...